“My Husband Asked Me To Write A Business Proposal Before He Gives Me Money For My New Business”–Wife Reveals

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One would assume, or it is always the case, that a man’s money belongs to his wife, and so, it is somewhat unthinkable and quite rare to have a husband ask his wife to write a business proposal before she’d be given money for her new business.

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She could just have taken any amount she thinks would suffice for her business, and her husband wouldn’t have a problem with that at all, since it’s for a good course.

But the husband chose to ask her to write a business proposal before she’ll be given the money to start.

This is to tell her that she can’t get anything on a silver platter, thus, she will have to work for everything.

If she needs to write a proposal for her husband to give her money to start her business, she should take the business seriously when she does start it.

The said lady revealed on Twitter that she had asked her husband for money to start her new business, and he asked her to write the proposal which she has since sent to his mail, and waiting to do the presentation in front of him later.

She wrote;

Asked my husband for money to start a new business, he said I should write a proposal. Just sent it to his mail. Presentation is on tomorrow 8 am sharp guys. Wish me luck “

How would you take it when your husband asked you to write a business proposal for him to give you money for your business? Will you do it, as a wife?

Would you ask your wife, who needs money from you to start a new business, to write a business proposal before you give it to her if she convinces you with her proposal?

See the post below;

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