My Husband Knows How “Crazy” I Can Be And He Loves Me For It- Xandy Kamel

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Newlywed actress Xandy Kamel Mensah has shamed haters who say her marriage to Angel TV’s Kaninja, will end in tears.

Known for her controversial lifestyle, Xandy in a recent interview on Neat FM’s ‘Entertainment Ghana,told host Ola Michael that her marriage is for a lifetime.

According to her, people are wishing her bad luck because they think she is a crazy girl, but her husband knew how crazy she was before marrying her.

The Kumawood actress cum TV presenter believes that people who wish for her marriage to fail are jealous of her.

“You don’t know the kind of man I am with. This is a man who is ready to take the storm with me. This is a man who is ready to go through everything with me. The things he has even borne while we were in relationship, I’m sure it’s even greater than what to come and we’re ready for the journey. Any man who ends up with Xandy can marry any other woman in this world,” she stated.


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