‘My Husband Wants Me To Dye The Hair On My Vajayjay’ – Woman Cries Out

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A worried woman has shared her story with relationship and marriage counselor, Joro, seeking for advice on something her husband is demanding from her which is eating up her mind.

According to her, her husband has suggested that she dyes her private part but she’s not comfortable with it.

The unnamed woman said her hubby asked her to turn the hairs on her v*gina to a grey colour because the old woman he first had sekz with had such color on her private part.

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She added that he wants that because he often misses that experience with the old woman.

Her message reads: “Hi Joro, Good afternoon. My husband has asked me to dye my vag hair grey. He said an elderly woman disvirgined him and he often misses her. He asked for it for Halloween. I ignored but should I do it? I just have to paint my pubic hairs grey. I’m happy he opened up to me but I’m worried. Will I have to paint every week. Joro?”


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