My late daughter’s boyfriend and her negligence was a contributing factor to her death – Suzzie Williams’ mother

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Madam Cecilia Willams, mother of the late Suzzy Williams has disclosed that she never liked her daughter’s relationship with her Liberian boyfriend from the onset and it was a contributing factor that led to the death of the actress.

According to Madam Cecelia, Edwin Eastman, the Liberian guy always looked awkward, dirty with bad stench and weird-looking fingers which she equated to those of “a grave looter”; a reason she disapproved her daughter going out with him.

In Madam Cecilia’s voice during an interview with Stacy Amoateng on the Restoration Show, her daughter dated the guy because of his money.

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Recounting events that led to her daughter’s demise 14 years ago, Madam Cecilia said she did everything in her power as a mother but her late daughter simply paid no heed and the boyfriend she never liked was the contributing factor to her death.

She narrated: “My daughter bought her first car with all that was paid her after her first movie; and that was when she met her boyfriend, Edwin. Upon noticing this, I always tried to sit my daughter down to advice her on the decision she had taken concerning her relationship.”

“Whenever the gentleman visited our home, he had an awkward and sinister look he gives me and that heightened my distaste for him being in a relationship with my daughter; but she did not take it lightly with me and kept insisting he was nice to her,” she further stated.

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Madam Cecilia Williams also revealed that she was shown the accident by God when she fell into a trance after returning from the market but her husband never took it serious upon narrating the short dream to him.

“I went to the market on September 7 and upon return, I fell into a trance and I saw a vision of an accident scene, I drew my husband’s attention to this but he brushed it off telling me I was being superstitious”.

“Earlier that day, she came home looking for her birth certificate in so much hurry, I was so afraid and told her to stop searching and stay home but she wasn’t going to listen to me. I then out of fear, told her she was looking for her death certificate and that her boyfriend was going to kill her, I told her right in front of the gentleman,” she recounted.

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