My life savings got locked at MenzGold which nearly killed my career – Comedian Khemikal

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Ghanaian comedian Khemikal has announced that he has returned to the stage after almost a year of seclusion.

In a recent interview with NYDJ, comedian Khemikal born Daniel Selase confessed that he went into hiding because he lost his life savings following the ad-hoc MenzGold financial crisis.

When asked specifically how the company’s financial difficulties prompted him to go into hiding, he said,

“It was because of the MenzGold situation that I went into hiding (crisis). I experienced a financial setback and had to take a break…”

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Khemikal, a man of many abilities, claimed that his numerous skills took up the most of his time, but that his wife was responsible for forcing him to find a balance and return to comedy.

“I was attempting to strike a balance.” Because software engineering was pushing me in one direction and comedy was attempting to draw my attention in another, but God being so kind, I married and she was able to assist me in finding that balance. I was on the verge of giving up until she encouraged me to continue.”

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As a reminder, MenzGold Ghana Limited was a fake gold dealer and investment firm that promised customers a return of 7 to 10 percent a month on their money.

It was then closed down by the government of Ghana. It was founded by Nana Appiah Mensah.

People say the company started out as Menzbank, then changed to Menzbanc, and finally changed its name to MenzGold because the Bank of Ghana told them not to use the word “bank” in their company name.

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