My Mom Has Been Using “Juju” And Water From Dead Bodies To Sell At Her Restaurant In East Legon For 15 Year’s Now And She Wants Me To Take Over – Lady Gives Chilly Details

A lady has taken to social media, Whatsapp to be specific to give a chilly account of how her mother has been charming customers to her restaurant for over 15 years now.

Read her full story below;

Please Keep me anonymous …

My mom owns a bar at East Legon. It’s been operating for over 15years and we are rich. Mom has a lot of money right now, we all studied/studying abroad and have our own cars, houses and all. I am the first child and only daughter among two boys. She wants me to take over the business because my brothers are into something else but I can’t.

Mom uses charm and I can’t do it. Herself and all of us don’t consume anything from the bar because of the spiritual implications involved. I’ve seen successful people go broke at mom’s bar.
She travels to Togo every 21 days but I don’t know what she goes to do. She’s yet to introduce that to me. So far, she has introduced me to a diener (morgue worker) who gives her parts of dead people and water used to bath them. She mixes the water used in the food preparation with that of the one used to cleanse the corpse and then bury their parts anywhere around the bar.

I feel sorry for our customers because people come there to spend so much money, some people even have to leave their cars because they’ve consumed more than they can pay.
I don’t want to continue with her deeds. I wish to end it and use my qualifications to get myself a job because I studied abroad but, she said if I quit the business, it will have bad effects on us. I don’t know what she means but she has refused to explain and is insisting I take after her.

What do I do sir? Pls advise me


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