“My money is only mine but my husband’s money is ours” — Nkechi Blessing 

Nollywood actress has reiterated the longtime adage that many married women profess “my money is mine, my husband’s money is ours.”

According to her, as far as she is concerned, she is at liberty to spend her husband’s money but the money she has worked for belongs solely to her wallet, purse or bank account.

That was the reply Nkechi Blessing decided to give a curious fan who wanted to find out why she’s not spending her money on her husband. This was after she had shared a photo of herself and her husband with the caption:

“It’s shopping time, and I get to swipe this man’s card as I want, so please pray for your brother, Ekiti people”

That was when the question about her using her card for shopping came up and she replied:

“My money is my money, his money is our money? You get it? If you don’t get it forget about it”

Check Out the Screenshot Below:



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