My mother will shout if she finds out how expensive my car is – Ayra Starr

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Nigerian singer Ayra Starr has revealed how her mother will react when she found out how expensive her new car cost.

Ayra Starr was signed on the MAVIN records not too long ago and started her music career. Before she joined her record label, she disclosed that it has always been her dream of buying a car.

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During the interview posted on her Youtube page, Ayra Starr spoke about her intentions to buy her first expensive car with her own money.

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“I don’t like to spend my money. Let me see, I’m about to get a car very soon by God’s grace so I think that would be the first expensive thing I will buy with my money. I don’t have any other expensive things because I don’t like spending money. I think why I don’t like to spend money is because I’ve been broke for a very long time. I’ve been poor for a very long time. Now that I have the money, I’m scared of it going. (Anything I buy) I’m like ‘wait wait, that was mass destruction to my account. But I’m going to buy a car soon so that’ll be the first thing,” she said.

Seven months after she revealed her intentions to buy a car, Ayar Starr in an interview with The Beat 99.9FM has revealed that she has finally bought an expensive car.

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“You have a packed schedule so how does Ayra Starr like to relax when you are not working back to back.”

Hmm, I actually like to spend money when I’m not working but like my mother should not watch this oh (laughs).

“Let’s pretend your mom isn’t listening. What item have you spent a ridiculous amount of money on recently?”

Hmm, a car.

“You bought a car? What type of car? A car that was too much?”

Ehhh. It’s okay, it’s okay (laughs). Let’s not go there please!

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