My next movie, ‘INNOCENT’ will resurrect Ghana movie industry – Director Sam Power

In the past, the Ghanaian film industry held great promise due to the number of films it produced annually as well as the talents it produced, starting with Agya Koo and continuing with Magid Michel, LilWin, and other stars up until the time of Santo.

However, Ghana’s stakeholder of the one-time most promising industry as mentioned above failed to quickly evolve from the DVD and VCD era in the early 2000s – the golden age of Ghanaian movies.

The decline of local film distributors, whose work significantly promoted Ghanaian films both inside and outside the country, coincided with the end of that period.

Amidst the hard times, some few movie directors cum producers have remained resolute to do everything humanly possible to keep the Ghana movie industry alive and Sam Power is one of the few.

As part of the efforts to keep hope alive, Sam Power is currently working on a movie titled “INNOCENT” which promises to be educative and thrilling saying.

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In a press briefing, Sam Power reiterated that the “Innocent” upcoming movie will restore the lost glory of Ghana movie industry considering the storyline, cast and production.

The movie titled “INNOCENT” features experienced acting brains like legendary Kofi Adjorlolo, Awo Yaa, Ruthy, Sly, Uncle Fii and other promising actors and actresses.

The storyline of ‘INNOCENT” movie addresses the issue relating to friendship and betrayal in our various walks of life as no one can live a life without friendship and its accompanying betrayals.





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