“My Politician Friends Aren’t Picking My Calls Now That The Election is Over”-Edem

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The Ghanaian recording artist who performs under the stage name, Edem is lamenting after his politician friends have begun to reject his calls after the election.

Last year’s election was characterised by several artistes endorsing one political party or the other.

It is not known which political party or parliamentary candidate Edem threw his support behind as nothing has been heard of his engagements publicly as others such as Kwabena Kwabena and a host of other musicians did.

Edem took to Twitter to reveal that his politician friends have been rejecting his calls since the election was over.

Several other people have over the years lamented that they have been abandoned after getting involved in political campaigns and Edem is the latest to join that bandwagon.

Edem tweeted;

“Election is over..My Politician friends no Dey pick my call ..Hmmm.”

In a separate tweet, Edem promised to tell the full story of how an independent candidate refused to pay him after he performed for him.

He added that the candidate went into hiding only to have his hideout exposed by another person, and when he confronted him at his hideout, it was all comedy, he says.

“I would tell you guys a story about: How four years ago I played a show for an independent and after he loss e no want pay the rest..E go hide for Spintex some place but his girl be was my friend and she showed me the house..Total comedy plus action when I got there,” Edem added.

We wait to hear the full story from Edem.

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