My Shortest Relationship Lasted On 48Hours – Sefa Reveals

Ghanaian songstress and Black Avenue signee Sefa has disclosed that her shortest relationship was only 2 days.
Speaking in a recent interview, Sefadzi Abena Amesu talked about other facets of her life, including her journey in the music industry so far.

Commenting on her relationship which lasted just a few hours and could potentially earn a spot in the Guinness Books of Records, S3fa said:

The shortest relationship I’ve ever had lasted two days. We chatted, and he said, ‘I like you, and I replied ‘I like you,’ but that was it because I’m not someone who forces things, so if you don’t make me feel your presence, I’ll simply ignore you,” she explained.

I believe it was a communication issue; if you know me, you know I appreciate social media and phones, and I believe that’s something he didn’t understand at the time.

I’m constantly overthinking everything. I overthink a lot. It’s not an addiction, but I think it’s something I do all the time without even realizing it, and I’ll do everything to get rid of it. Sefa confessed.


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