‘My Sister Does Not Have Bipolar, There Is A Cover-Up & You’re Not Innocent’ – Chacha Eke’s Brother Blasts His Sister’s Husband

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The seeming drama coming from the camp of Nollywood star Chacha Eke and her husband Austin Faani probably has no end in sight as a new twist has been added to the trending story, days after the actress announced to the whole world that she was walking away from her marriage.

In a sudden twist we never saw coming, Chacha Eke has recorded another video claiming the announcement she made concerning her break up from her hubby after 7-years of marriage was triggered by a mental disease doctors diagnosed as bipolar disorder.

However, Chacha Eke’s brother who has been defending her sister on social media since the scandal hit the internet, claims something is fishy and that her sister has no bipolar disorder.

“I don’t like drama, I don’t like to fight on social media, I prefer to be low key on social media. But I won’t ignore this because it’s all shades of wrong and evil. Firstly, Chacha has not used a phone for the past five days and she did not post that video.

Secondly, she does not have bipolar disorder. Thirdly, I don’t know how that video was made. Why did he post such information without her consent because she’s not aware that he posted that video. I wonder why he is in a haste to clear his name at her expense. Someone you claim to love.

Next time, use your IG account if you desperately want to clear your name. Meanwhile, for every smart move, I’m here to counter it. Slow your roll, let sleeping dogs lie. That I said it’s not a case of domestic violence does not mean you are innocent. The world knows there is a cover-up here. Be careful Mr. Man.”

The world knows there is a cover-up here. Be careful Mr. Man.” See below;







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