My Songs Are No Longer Inspired by Lust – Papa Shee

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Papa Shee, worldly artiste turned evangelist has revealed that he was once controlled by lust. The star said in an interview with Amansan Krakye hosted by Kastle FM that he has found a new way and would want only his gospel songs to be played.

“Those songs I did in the past were secular, motivated by worldly excitement and pleasure. But today, I have found a new way because God has saved me by forgiving me of all my iniquities,” he disclosed.

“God used Paul and changed his name from Saul. The one who did the songs has even repented and you are rather playing it on radio for the masses. It’s better for those who play my profane songs to also repent,” the former Highlife musician further stated.

According to Papa Shee, “God said, ‘my son, you cannot serve two masters’ so if it happens like that, you can’t love both of the masters equally. Once you become a Christian, you don’t need to encourage secular music.”

“What you have to know is that once you die, there is no second chance for you to repent so it’s better you do it now that you still have life,” he ended.



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