My Sponsor Took Back All The Gifts He Gave Me After I Refused To Become His Second Wife – Emefa Adeti

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The winner of 2012 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Emefa Adeti who is now a presenter on Joyprime has shared her experience of how her sponsor humiliated her for refusing to be his second wife.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV,  Emefa stated that the man who sponsored her in the competition dragged her out of the house like a fowl when she blantly told him she wasn’t ready to be his second wife.

According to Emefa, the married man’s proposal came as a big surprise to her especially since she was still in school.

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“I was very young, after the competition he asked my hand in marriage but I said no because my vision was big at that time. He was a grown man, people say I should have seen the signs with all the support he provided but I didn’t know.” Emefa stated.

Emefa made it clear that rejecting the man’s offer was the best decision she ever made and she has no regrets whatsoever.

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“it was a good decision because I don’t think I could have been able to go back to school.”

“It was one of the most difficult phases in my life because I had a lot of public attention at the time. He really spoilt me with gifts, cars among others. Within a split of a second, I lost everything. He took all the things he had given me. I just woke up one morning to realize that he has taken everything. I had to start everything from the scratch again so I went back to school,” she added.

One thing about having sponsors is that they wouldn’t want to give you things without getting anything in return and that is something most ladies don’t get. Well, hopefully Emefa’s experience helps other ladies know that there is no free lunch.

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