My straightener is older than my marriage- Korra Obidi drops divorce hint

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Korra Obidi has emerged in a new video making certain gestures and pronouncements that reinforce the storm hovering around her marriage with her white husband Dr. Justin Dean.

Per the account of this video clip, the professional dancer was seen combing her hair with a straightener which she declared is way older than her marriage which invariably means she cannot be bothered if her marriage is collapsing.

She referred to the straightener as a bad boy: “My 10-year-old straightener a bad boy has been with me through thick and thin, the bad boy is older than my marriage.”

She further spoke about being a mother of two and how it is a full-time job. Korra finally called on her followers to respect mothers and women.

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Watch the video below:

See reactions;

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Athonia Okhuoya: Meaning what? She is human! Can’t she air her mind again, She doing a great job even when she’s alone as a mother , Dr Justin Dean ,they carry anger of ages walker. She is keeping calm and I love dat. Almighty God, go surly give them peace again, every one of them go learn their lesson.

Ify Ogunedo: I don’t know what some people are expecting from this young lady with kids to take care y’all wanting her to break down will you be there for her kids when that happens ? A lot of people go through things they don’t wanna share doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting Justin decides to make his hurt and pain public doesn’t mean he’s the victim reverse might be the case at the end of the day . Korra is doing the best she can at the moment.

Kathy Brown: This just goes to show you how much people thrive on drama and chaos. They’ll create a narrative when things are too peaceful and calm. I believe Korra is trying too manage this situation as best she can while caring for 2 small children. She doesn’t have the time nor the desire to go crazy and fall apart the way some of you secretly wish she would. Perhaps she’s finding the love, peace and strength to face the days ahead through prayer.

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