My vajayjay is like Canadian visa, you will pay plenty of money but you won’t still taste it- Mzbel

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In furtherance of her feud with her old nemesis, Mzbel has told Afia Schwar she is not as cheap as her who goes about offering her punani to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Mzbel stirred the hornet’s nest when she went live on Facebook and issued a warning to Afia saying she doesn’t scare her one bit despite her constant attack on her.

The singer cum radio personality reminded Afia that unlike her, her ‘thing’ is very expensive like a Canadian visa.

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Shortly after the video dropped, was disparaged by Afia in an interview with blogger Zionfelix in which she used foul language and called her a cheap lady. Furthermore, Afia called Mzbel a “drug addict” and a public figure who is dependent on men for cash support.

As though that wasn’t enough, she went on TikTok to slam Mzbel, calling her hungry and broke.

“Mzbel, you are hungry and broke. Stop acting like the victim, stop playing the victim. Why have you lost so much weight? Mzbel won’t you stop doing drugs and be free?…you are crying because the table has turned. You are hungry and broke, you see, prostitution got timelines. You can no longer prostitute in your old age,” Afia Schwar shared in a fresh TikTok video.


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