My Versatility Has Helped Me Stay Relevant All These Years – D Cryme

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Darlington Kwesi Agyekum, better known as D Cryme started music with Sarkodie but from all indications, it looks like D Cryme has not soared as high as many thought he would.

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Indeed, many believe that after 2010 hit, “Wobɛ Kume Afɛre” Cryme has not been as relevant on the scene as even his most optimistic fans would believe, but it seems the rapper and singer is fighting this downward public perception.

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Speaking to Radio Central, D Cryme maintained that he has been relevant all these years because:

“We are all human, sometimes we are going up you might think this is what the public wants so I should keep doing it but if u don’t stand on your grounds you may disappear. When “Azonto” came most people jumped onto it but now the trend has changed so if you placed all your trust in Azonto you might be lost. If you have monitored me, I’m so dynamic so I create different styles.”

For him, the ability to be dynamic ensures that he is not swallowed up by history. He promised that he was going to keep on the path. He continued that;

“Also, I believe in what I do so I don’t rush in releasing songs even when the public demand it. So at the end of the day, many artistes got lost in the sense that they followed the trend so very much that they failed to explore and do something different”.


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