My wedding preparation was tough, I almost gave up – M.I

Well-known Nigerian rapper Jude Lemfani Agaba simply known as M.I Abaga has opened up on the preparation that went into his wedding that made him depressed.

Speaking to TM Con, M.I Abaga revealed that he fell into a depressing state during the period when he was preparing for his wedding. He described the process as a tough one, adding that there were so many financial demands.

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“So, I don’t think I’ve ever been depressed. When I listen to people that have got depression, it doesn’t sound like an experience I’ve had.

“Even though I feel like I’ve been very close. And I think that the closest I was to it was this year. Maybe like four months before I got married, my album had moved and I thought my album was going to come out in February, my fiance had moved back to Nigeria.

“It was just a tough time for us and my wedding and all these changes. Inflation is happening at the same time. There are just so many things happening.”

M.I Abaga disclosed that he almost stopped the wedding preparation due to some thoughts in his mind but he brushed it off.

“There was a day I woke up. I just was telling myself, you’ve tried, you’ve given them, MI if you go back to Jos, nobody would say anything. I believe that for people that get into depression, I’m looking at where I was and how difficult it was for me to emotionally regulate myself.”

Speaking further, he advised young creatives to believe they can do great things.

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“My heart goes out to those who go through depression. I don’t have an answer, but one of the things I will say is that your self-talk is very important. Most of us have an opinion of ourselves. That is very bad. We don’t believe that we can keep our word. We don’t believe that we can do what it takes to achieve great things. You don’t really believe that we can be trusted, we don’t really believe that we are really valuable, deserving of love. So, when somebody says something nice to you, you are in doubt.”


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