My Wife Made Me Lose My Job After I Cheated On Her With My Colleague, Now She Has The Nerve To Ask Me For Money For Our 5Month Old Child

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A man has taken to social media to seek for advice after experiencing the consequences of a silly thing he did.

Taking to Facebook, the man narrated how he cheated on his wife who had just given birth.

Read his full story below;

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I’m very depressed now and I feel like I’ll be insulted by the audience but am confused and will need their advice anyway.
I’ve been married with my wife for three years now with a 5months baby girl. My wife is a nurse and I was a head teacher in a private school in Accra. She works in the eastern region so she normally comes around during weekends at times in two weeks.
My wife undergone a CS when she was going to deliver our baby girl , and she’ll not let me even touch her.
I started having an affair with one of my female teachers which I admit I faulted.
It got to a time that she’ll come and sleep over when my wife had left and it continued for a while.
My landlady informed my wife for which she confronted me.
Initially I was denying but the landlady was seriously accusing to the state that she started invoking curses all. I had no option than to admit and apologize.

My wife came to the school the next day with our baby to fight this teacher and create a scene. The proprietor suspended me and I’ve been home for two months two weeks.

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My father in- law and my uncle tried to settle the matter and asked me to compensate my wife an amount of 500gh and also buy a new mattress for defiling our marriage bed which I did.
We started a building project in kasoa which we agreed we will channel my salary towards the building and we will use hers to run the home and that was what we were doing until now.
My main worry now is my wife wasn’t requesting for housekeeping money since she knew my salary was being channeled towards the building.
Now she demanding housekeeping money knowing perfectly that am unemployed now all thanks to her. She knows am not working now but she expects me to buy the prepaid and our babies pampers all.
I’m tired now please advise me on what to do.

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