“My Wife Pushed Me Start My Own Company”–Stephen Debrah Tells Story Of How He & His Wife Built Over 500 Apartments In Ghana (Video)

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Stephen Debrah, CEO of CPL Developers, a real estate company in Ghana has shared an interesting story about how his wife who was his girlfriend then pushed him to start his own company.

In an interview with Popular YouTube, Wode Maya, Mr.Debrah recounted how his wife who was his girlfriend then motivated him to start his own company and even suggested the name of the company, CPL Developers.

Mr. Stephen Debrah who is an old student of KNUST told the host that, he was working for someone after school and for 6 years, he would always have to leave home as early as 4:30 am every day and sometimes get back as late as 11pm.

According to him, his wife, who was his girlfriend then was worried that, his job was taking away all his time, and couldn’t really spend quality time with him, so one day asked him to quit his job and start his own company.

It kicked against the idea initially because he felt he was earning a good salary then and was the highest paid among his peers, but his girlfriend was insistent and one day came to him with the name he should even use for the company.

He then decided to listen to his girlfriend and registered the company and now CPL developers is a household name in Ghana when it comes to real estate.

Mr. Stephen who has never stayed outside the country was asked if he had capital at the time he started his company.

He responded that he didn’t have the capital to start but he had wisdom.

He narrated how he convinced one doctor to own his first house by going in for Mortgage loan, to finance his house and how that doctor referred other doctors to him and that’s how he started.

We believe if you watch this interview for yourself, you would be able to learn something from it and be inspired.

His wife is also the COO of the company and a lawyer by profession.

And in case you don’t know, OASIS Park Residences is also owned by his company, CPL developers.

Watch the video below:

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