Mya Yafai Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Boyfriend

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Mya Yafai is a beautiful and classy woman; one that every man craves, and the profession she is most known for–modelling–is one that makes her beauty even more relevant.

In this feature, we will give you a lot of information about Mya which includes her biography, age, boyfriend, net worth, career, and pretty much everything else you want to know about the beautiful model.

Who is Mya Yafai?


Mya Yafai
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A person’s biography is an account of their life.

We have put together all of the things that matter about Mya’s life in this biography about her.

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Mya is an American model, vlogger, and Journalist.

Mya went viral some time ago after she was spotted in a picture with Nigerian superstar Davido.

There was the talk of Mya being in a relationship with the Nigerian superstar.

Mya was born on August 15, 1998.

She hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Although little is known about Mya’s educational background, she is believed to have a degree in Journalism.

Mya Yafai dating

Who is Mya dating?

Who the model is dating now is unclear.

She is reported to be in a relationship with Davido.

The talk of a relationship between the two came up after a picture surfaced showing Mya and Davido holding hands in Atlanta, a city in Georgia, a southeastern state in the U.S.

It was also gathered that Davido flew Mya Yafai to Ghana during Christmas to spend the holidays there.

So possibly Mya and Davido are into some sort of personal relationship.

Mya Yafai relationship with Young MA

Mya Yafai boyfriend
Young M.A

It is not clear who Mya is dating now but what is clear is that she has an ex known as Young MA.

Mya was in a relationship with the American female rapper before they separated due to unknown reasons.

Reacting to the news of Mya being with Davido, Young M.A said she doesn’t mind if her ex is with Davido now and she encourages her to get the “bag”.


What career has Mya Yafai built for herself over the years?

In this era of social media, a lot of things could be done. Anyone could become successful just by having a huge social media following and this has somewhat helped Mya to become who she is today. What has she been up to?

Mya Yafai is a popular model and also an Instagram influencer.

Basically, She promotes brands on social media.

She has modelled for brands like Onesie Nation USA.

Also, she has a YouTube channel with more than 5000 followers who tune in for her Vlog.

Also, she is a media personality.

Mya Yafai has worked with celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce. She features in the After podcast by Cam Kirk studios.

Mya Yafai net worth

mya yafai

Mya Yafai’s net worth is not officially estimated. However, it is expected to be more than $10,000.

See below a short profile of Mya Yafai:

Full NameMya Yafai
Age(2022)24 years old
Date of Birth15 August 1998
Career Modelling
Net Worthestimated to be around $10,000
Rumoured BoyfriendDavido

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