Mystery Man Who Impregnated Mzbel Finally Exposed

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After 30 years, Mzbel isn’t sure marriage is something she really wants – neither has she ruled out having kids. However, Mzbel did well by coming out to confirm her pregnancy to the media before she delivered some months back but kept the man behind her pregnancy from the media house that reported the story.

Should we say that she confirmed her pregnancy story because the media were too eager to know whether she was pregnant or not? Well, the media also wanted to know the man she got pregnant for – her fans still want to know too.

Though some critics have already associated her pregnancy to a top banker in Ghana who can Uniquely be Trusted to give a loan within 48 hours, others allege its celebrated gospel musician Pastor Josh Laryea now known as ‘Tsaata’ who impregnated Mzbel.

- Advertisement - decided to do a few arithmetic on the last man Mzbel dated to unravel the mystery man who impregnated Mzbel. Don’t forget it’s already confirmed that Mzbel once dated one Maxwell Mensah who damped Vicky Zugah before coming for her.

man who impregnated mzbel

After some few months of leaving Vicky Zugah, Maxwell Mensah went in for Mzbel but unfortunately, damped her for Nana Ama Mcbrown – chopping 2 female celebrities in a row, does this guy uses juju?

Three (3) months after Maxwell jilted Mzbel for Nana Ama, she (Mzbel) got pregnant. So, by logical reasoning, Mzbel is pregnant for Maxwell Mensah who is now dating Nana Ama Mcbrown and even ready to marry her soonest.

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If not, then Mzbel was dating another man at the same time when she was going out with Maxwell. Did you get that arithmetic well? Well, these are possible inferences one could make. Nonetheless, hundreds and thousands of young women – both single and married, go through hell in drinking very bitter and fermented fertility concoctions in order to get pregnant or babies.

So if our dear Mzbel did not go through any such ordeal but is blessed with a child with a no-named or known father, can only wish her all the best – after all, its 100% possible it’s a man that impregnated her and not another woman. The day the toad dies, we shall all know its full length. Until then…MOTWUM!!



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