Mystery Uncovered: Lady Reveals Why Women Often Opt For The ‘Bad Boys’ Instead Of The ‘Good Boys’

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What has been quite a mystery for many people has now been somewhat uncovered as to why ladies tend to choose the ‘bad boys’ over the ‘good ones’, as far as relationships are concerned.

Temitope Bukola

Most often, you see ladies feel so at home with the supposed bad guys in the society whiles the good guys out there find it difficult attracting these ladies to themselves.

It is a mystery that has been around for some time, but there appears to be some form of enlightenment now as to why this is the case as revealed by a lady who feels the week boys don’t appeal to the ladies because they (the good boys) don’t normally don’t take charge as the bad boys would do.

According to the lady, @_Temitopebukola, who made this revelation on Twitter, the good boys don’t take charge and that can irritate a lady a lot, hence, to prevent the irritation, they would opt for the bad boys who’d take charge and protect them in case any challenges come up.

Here’s what Temitope Bukola wrote on Twitter;

“I can never find a weak man appealing sha! Now I see why ladies seemingly go for the “Bad boys” rather than the “Good boys”. The good boys don’t take charge and that can irritate a lady, most of us want someone we feel can “protect” us just in case something comes up!”.

Given this revelation by this lady, it is clear why a lot of good guys are not attached and that is somewhat true because most good guys would just not take charge of matters in a relationship.

Some would even allow the ladies to call the shots at home rather than taking charge of same.

This has led many to lose their relationships because their partners don’t feel protected enough.

So, my good guys out there, you’re not attracting these girls not because you’re inferior, they say you’re just not taking charge enough, so next time you do find yourself one, try to, as a matter of priority, take charge and make your lady feel protected. It’s really simple.

Your Mystery has been uncovered now, Just go and take full charge!



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