Mystic Meg cause of death, husband, net worth, children, parents

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Mystic Meg was a British astrologer, psychic, and newspaper columnist, who became famous for her regular appearances on the UK’s National Lottery TV program.

She has also written several books on astrology and psychic phenomena, and has been a regular columnist for various British newspapers and magazines.

Meg’s predictions and horoscopes are often controversial, with some people believing in her abilities, while others dismiss them as mere entertainment.

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Ultimately, whether or not one believes in Mystic Meg’s predictions is a matter of personal belief and skepticism.

She worked as a sub-editor at the News of the World while majoring in English at the University of Leeds. Eventually, she rose to the position of deputy editor for Sunday, the newspaper’s weekend color supplement. She changed her name to Eileen Anderson in the 1980s and started working as the paper’s regular astrologer.

Meg primarily focused on her career as an astrologer, psychic, and media personality, and she is best known for her predictions and horoscopes, which she has been writing and sharing with the public for many years.

Mystic Meg cause of death

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The are reports that Meg, who was hospitalized last month after contracting the flu, passed away in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Mystic Meg husband

Mystic Meg’s husband’s name is not publicly known. She has kept her personal life private and has not shared much information about her family or relationships in the media. Therefore, there is very little information available about her husband or personal life.

Mystic Meg net worth

Mystic meg had a net worth of around $10 Million.

Mystic Meg children

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She didn’t have any children, so she had more time to devote to her passion for animals.

Mystic Meg parents

On July 27, 1942, Margaret Anne Lake gave birth to Mystic Meg.

She was raised in a terraced home in Accrington, Lancashire, where her grandmother taught her astrology. She is of Romany origin


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