Mzbel Broke As She Summons “Spirits” To Help Her Get A Sugar Daddy To Pay Her Bills? (+VIDEO)

Ghanaian songstress, music producer/ manager and entrepreneur Mzbel has shared a video on her Instagram page which somehow suggests she has gone broke.

Now before you crucify the writer, we know it’s a trend on the popular Tiktok app that Mzbel has decided to join.

She probably has a lot of free time on her hands hence the reason she decided to join the trend and get rid of some boredom.

However, the reason we think she is broke is the content of the video.

In the video, Mzbel is seen cladded in a white attire with white powder all over her face. She went ahead to “chant” that she wanted a sugar daddy who will pay off all her bills.

For all you know, it could just be for hype but all the same watch the hilarious video below;



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