Does MzVee Think We Are Kids Here, Asking Us To Sing For Her & Raise Our Hands| How MzVee Disgraced Herself

Mzvee sometimes seem to forget that, music is not listened by only a bunch of some senior high school students or perhaps, freshmen in a univsersity. It’s high time, she realises that her audience could be diverse and at each given program, as an artiste, you must derive the right style of performance to thrill those who are at the event.

Just this last Saturday at the Ovation Carol and Awards which took place at the State Banquette Hall, we witnessed yet another same old style of performance from Mzvee. She failed as an artiste to regconise that, the type of people present at such a prestigious event like that would be very different from the people present at say a university end of semester jam party. These audiences have an arrray of differences. One of such,is the age gap and the energy of each one of these individual audiences.

Mzvee who was on stage at the carol night might not have known the kind of audience she was standing in front of and mistakenly took the event to be the usual hyperactive ones she had been performing at all these while. She got on stage and started ordering the audience to shout for her but to her dismay, none did what she asked for. As if that was not enough, she later asked them to raise their hands if they loved dancehall music but the patrons at the carols night which had dignities like ex-president Kuffour, CEO of companies and other high profiled personalities looked  at her with dismay as if Mzvee was talking to different set of audience.

Whilst Mzvee was asking the crowd to make noise for her and asking them to raise their hands if they loved dancehall music, I over heard some of the patrons mocking her

Does she think we are kids here? Maybe she is not aware that some of the people here does not even know her”

MzVee performed some dancehall music and left stage with few people appreciating her act. Wiyaala had a standing ovation from the crowd after she put up an awesome performance. Mzvee, better luck next time but know your audience before you command them because each event has way of handling it. You cannot perform at a cooperate event as if you are at Legon Hall Week Celebration or src week celebration at UPSA, an audience like that are more energetic and itching to even lick your toes and hence will hail you and sing along with you all night along, even with them, when you over do it, you then become boring to them.

I believe she is a good artiste, who has got talent but she needs to understand the dynamics of audiences and what style of performance to adopt at each chosen event.

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