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Naa Korkor Could Really Be Telling The Truth About The People Who Have Bonked Her As This Evidence Proves She Knows What She’s Saying & Not Really ‘Mad’

Naa Korkor, the UCC girl who leaked her own nudes back in 2014 became the talk of Social media again when she released an infamous list of public figures who have smashed her ‘pum pum’. According to the posts, she made on her Facebook account, Criss Waddle likes unshaved p*ssies,  NPP’s Sammy Awuku loves to pay big, KOD has a big ‘distin’, Giovanni also has a big ‘distin’ but does not know how to use it, Joy Fm’s Kojo Yankson, aka ‘CSI: Chinchinga’ also loves to pay to chop some.

She also told us in the post that, Flashkick, Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend was the only one who was able to make her cum, while he was on top. She said in her post that, although Ibrah (One of richest young boys in Ghana) wanted to also taste some, she didn’t allow him because his girlfriend is her good friend. Our footballer, Wakaso’s name also came up in the list.

Korkor didn’t just tell us about the men who have had their way with her but also spoke about the fact that, her university refused to add her to the graduation list. She also recounted the time she spent in prison for trafficking drugs into the USA.

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Now, with all these revelations that she made, there is the school of thought that, she’s suffering from a sickness known as ‘Bi-Polar disorder’ so all of the things she’s saying are not true and only saying all of that because she’s having some sort of ‘crisis’

There is also another school of thought that, although she could be suffering from Bi-Polar disorder, it doesn’t mean, all that she wrote was false especially with the list of men who have f*cked her.

So, to weigh the veracity of all of the things she put out on Social media, we at decided to do some little digging into some of the things she said to see if indeed, they are false or not.

We know it would be hard to provide evidence that, indeed all those men have slept with her although, we are of the conviction that, some of the names she mentioned are serial womanizers, so it doesn’t surprise us, but we didn’t want to arrive at any ‘Chinchingalistic‘ conclusion, so when we made the publication of her revelations yesterday, we asked our readers to take it with a pinch of salt.

So which of her revelations did we decide to discover it’s veracity?

If you read a portion of this screenshot below, Korkor mentioned that she spent some time in Prison when she trafficked drugs, something, no one knew of because it was never published in the media, so it was perhaps her little secret and may be known to some few people but not the general public.

Naa Korkor talks about spending time in Prison

She had said that she was incarcerated in  MDC Brooklyn for 18 months.

So we decided to visit the official website of the Bureau of Prisons to find out if indeed she was incarcerated as she claims and VOILA, her name was on their website.

Now don’t tell us someone planted her name there!

See the screenshot below and you can as well, double check the details by clicking here to verify in case you are thinking it’s photoshopped.


As you can see, it’s obvious Korkor knows very well all that she’s putting out there on Social media.

Interestingly, she didn’t mention ‘John Mahama, Barrack Obama, Chris Handler,  Nana Akuffo Addo, Samuel Otukp3 or just any random name that comes up into her head. She mentioned specific names and almost every name in there, they have their own special record.

Let’s assume without admitting that she’s suffering from Bi-Polar disorder, does that mean she lied? Are Bi-Polar people the only ones who LIES?

Everybody LIES—The politician, the pastor, the ordinary man…We all tell lies at some point in our life for obvious reasons.

Bi-Polar disorder patients do lie like normal humans but not this sort of lies.


Some of the names mentioned are married men, so we cannot conclude and provide clear evidence that, indeed they bonked her like she’s saying but some of the names in there are known as serial womanizers, so it comes as no surprise at all.

We leave this in the public court of opinion to decide!



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