Naadei Lyonnais Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Actress?

Naadei Lyonnais is a Canadian actress, model, and singer. In this write up, we will explore details of Naadei Lyonnais Wikipedia and Age for you to know much about her.

Naadei Lyonnais Wikepedia

Naadei Lyonnais has not been listed on Wikepedia yet. However, the paragraph below will give you all the exclusive details you should know about Naadei Lyonnais.

Who is Naadei Lyonnais ?

Naadei Lyonnais was born in Montreal, Canada. She grew up
To establish a huge brand for herself as a Model, Actress and also a career in music as a singer. She adopted the stage name Naadei Liones.
She is the hostess for the Franco Canadian version of Love Island, a program that is regarded as the most popular British dating show.

A Look Into Naadei Lyonnais Career.

Growing up, Naadei Lyonnais dreamt of becoming a huge inspiration to others not only in her community but the world at large.

She desired to reach the atmost top level with a career in acting and has been working hard towards achieving her dream.

Naadei Lyonnais quickly went on to make some interesting appearances on some high profile films and made an instant impact in the acting scene to boost her career.

Some of the films she made an appearance in are Avant le crash, a highly anticipated film that was released in 2022 and made available on Crash. Drama 2022. Available on CBC Gem, ICI, iTunes.

She also featured in the video of Lou Phelps Jazz Cartier’s Come Inside which was recorded in 2018.
One of the very best roles she took in the film scene came in the year 2021 when she made an appearance in the series L’île de l’amour.

One of Naadei Lyonnais’ huge interests is travelling around the world as she aims to explore how things are done in other countries and regions. In 2007, she made a decision to travel to Europe, it was for the first time in her life. 

Her journey to Europe came when Booba invited her to Paris to record the much talked about single All I Have.

The song, which first appeared on Autopsie vol.2, soon drew in a new audience for the young Canadian.

It was at this point that Naadei was beginning to even feel the impact of music in her career even more.

she built on that opportunity to travel to other countries within America and Europe including Switzerland, Ukraine, Miami, Iceland.

Naadei Lyonnais Age , How Old Is She ?

Naadei Lyonnais is 37 years old as of the time this documentation was done in 2023.

She took birth on the 10th day of April 10, 1986 in Montreal, Canada where she grew up under the care of her parents.



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