Nadia Buari Takes A Break From Movies & Is Now Making “Nadia’s Baby Diapers”

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Nadia Buari has found a new business line and it’s something different from what we would expect. Most of our  celebrities when going into business, normally go and start their own clothing line, but Nadia went the other way-MAKING BABY DIAPERS

Giving birth to twins must have created this idea for Nadia and she’s decided to start her own line of diapers under the brand name Nadia Baby Diapers

The A-List Actress surprised many when news broke out that she had given birth to twins.  Nadia Buari posted the news of her new business line on Instagram

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“We’re readyyyyyyyyyyy…. Ladies and gentlemen..allow me introduce the latest baby diapers in diaper line..”Nadia’s Baby Diapers”. I’m so excited. 

All my gorgeous mothers out there..pls look out for “Nadia’s Baby Diapers” in a supermarket or pharmacy near u. #whoop

Her post on Instagram
Her post on Instagram

Babies will always be born, and they will always poop no matter what and parents will always have to buy diapers, since the traditional baby napkins are archaic now. For the actress, the influence she has as a celebrity, could help push the brand.

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On a serious note, that boy is not a baby and why didn’t Nadia take a picture of herself holding a baby and rather had it photoshopped ? The baby on the design is supposed to be looking at her mum, and not elsewhere. We hope they change the design and take actual photo than this cheap artwork.

We are at wish her the best in her new business endeavour. Follow us on twitter @officialghbase


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