Nadia Buari Is Undeserving Of New Ambassadorial Role? Here’s The Filla

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So on the 24th May, 2016, the second edition of the Golden Movie Awards Africa, (GMAA) was launched and the nominees for this year’s event were also announced. Just like all other award schemes held everywhere, controversies has started on the prestigious award ceremony that seeks to award people in the film industry.

At the launch, Nadia Buari was announced as the ambassador for the 2016 Golden Movie Awards but some section of Ghanaians have expressed their sentiment on her ambassadorial role.

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Nadia buari at 2016 golden movie awwardsSome are of the opinion that, Nadia has not contributed much to the film industry since she’s been out of the scenes for a long time now.

In giving her speech after been announced as the ambassador, a beautiful looking Nadia in a white jumpsuit said;

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I’m very delighted to be an ambassador for the Golden Movie Awards. I must say it’s a surprise but a good one. One that I cannot stop smiling about. Like all leadership roles, this position comes with a huge responsibility; one that requires a great deal of time and dedication on my part. But I would like to say that, I’m very prepared and ready. I will do whatever it takes, put in the time and effort that it requires, so that our overall objective of changing the African narrative through film would come to fruition,” 


When NMJ, the organisers of the award ceremony posted a photo of Nadia Buari, on their official Instagram account, one person who seems to be a movie fanatic commented;

if you ask me….I don’t know why she has been made brand ambassador when she hasn’t contributed much to our movie industry recently…when the likes of @kafuidanku @yvonnenelsongh @yvonneokoro @julietibrahim have done soo much hard work in recent times…”

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So the big question! Does Nadia Buari Deserve To Be Chosen As Ambassador for GMAA 2016?

It’s an indisputable fact that, the afore mentioned names by the movie critic all worked very hard last year.  While, we cannot tell exactly why Nadia was chosen over the rest, we assume it’s because she’s now more popular and has a huge audience appeal because of the mystery of her pregnancy and who the father of her twins are.

Besides, Juliet Ibrahim and Kafui Danku have both had their movies nominated in some categories, so if any of them is announced as ambassador and let’s say they win in their category, people would have an impression  they won because they were ambassadors.

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On Yvonne Nelson, she did not get a single nomination with her movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes” in this year’s 2016 GMAA and we smell something fishy.

Well, we would have to wait to hear from the organisers as to why they chose Nadia Buari over all of the other actors and actresses.

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