Nadia Ntanu Has Been Chosen & Confirmed As The New Miss Ghana 2014

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Finally Exclusive events Ghana has confirmed Nadia Ntanu as the new Miss Ghana 2014 and the one to represent Ghana at this year’s Miss World 2014.

The original winner of Miss Ghana, Guissepina Nana Akua Baafi  had resigned from her beauty queenship over a scuffle she had with Exclusive events Ghana.

Exclusive Events Ghana, the organisers of Miss Ghana released a press statement in which they stated in it that they had relinquished Guisseppina of her post and not the other way round.

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Just two weeks ago, we reported that one Nadia Ntanu had been chosen to as the new Miss Ghana, but upon a telephone interview we had with the organisers, they disclosed that, she has not yet been confirmed as the one to represent Ghana, and that they will make that officially known once they decide on who will be the new Miss Ghana.

nadia ntanuSome few minutes ago today, 16th august, 2014, we realised that the facebook profile and cover photos of the official Miss Ghana page has changed and has been replaced with pictures on Nadia, then after some few seconds, they posted “Nadia Ntanu, Miss world 2014”.

I couldn’t help but to call the organisers on phone to confirm that, they had really posted that. The lady who picked the phone, disclosed that, yes indeed, Nadia has been chosen as the new Miss Ghana Queen and the one to represent Ghana at this year’s Miss World.

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Nadia Ntanu was the first runner-up for the 2012 edition of Miss Ghana and 25 years old. She’s embarked on several charity music under the Miss Ghana Foundation and hails from Manfe Akuapim


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