In The Name Of Fashion See What This South African Musician Wore To An Event

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Everyone has a way of expressing themselves through Fashion and South African musician, Skolopad decided to commit fashion crime by wearing this ‘Sausage’ inspired dress to the Feathers Awards.

Skolopad is seen wearing sausages packed in a Ziploc bag and we gather sausages are very popular in South Africa and are known as ‘wors’ in the country.

Speaking in an interview to the South African media, she was quoted to have said; “People have been saying beef, I don’t have beef, I like wors”

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More photos below

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1. Let me try this pose, hold me

2.Yes, I love sausages, take me pictures

3. Can you see people are giving us attention? The Sausage thing is working

4. Let me try and be like the sausage madam


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