Nana Aba Anamoah Says Someone Edited Her Into Old Trafford To Troll Her

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Some few weeks ago, the Ghanaian social media landscape was inundated with photoshopped images of ace broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah, formerly of TV3 with her been tagged as a photo thief, creating an impression, that she had been at Old Trafford, for a Manchester United match.

The photoshopped image, which suggested that she was present at Old Trafford, when she actually wasn’t really there, went viral on Social media trending with the Hashtag, #NanaAbaWasthere. To troll her even more, people edited her into pictures of some past events such as the day Ghana had independence, when the first man visited the moon, the last supper and many more.

Surprisingly, Nana Aba Anamoah has a different story to tell about that photoshopped image. In Starr Chat with Bola Ray On Starr Fm, this past Wednesday Nana disclosed that, she wasn’t the one who edited the picture to make it appear she was at Old Trafford.

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She told Bola that, she doesn’t even know how to use photoshop and that someone edited that picture to sort of troll her. She said that, she found the picture funny and also decided to post it on Twitter.

She further went on to say that, people assumed, she meant she was there but that wasn’t the impression she was making. When Bola asked her why, she never said that when all of it started, she answered by saying, she didn’t find it necessary as she loves to troll people a lot on Social media, so when someone decided to troll her too, she found it normal and that didn’t know people were going to misinterpret it.

She however said that, she wasn’t worried about all of the backlashes people were melting on her and that her only disappointment was when her employer, TV3 didn’t look into it and suspended her.

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Funny enough, she even stated that her favorite of the trolls was the one they edited her in the last supper. She also pointed out that, she had been to Old Trafford several times in the past and that she gets free tickets all the time to go watch matches.

Nana Aba Anamoah who’s english name is Rosemond has now joined EIB’s Network and we will working at Ghone and also Starr Fm soon.


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