Nana Agraada exposes Obofour and other pastors; reveals where they get the cars they dash out from (Video)

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Recently, some pastors in Ghana have been dashing cars to people on a monthly/weekly basis with Obofour the most notable among them.

It baffles many as to where they get the monies they spend on buying such cars from but it should be no news to you as they have the congregation they mass the money from but in most cases, they have denied extorting monies from their church to fund the cars they buy to dash out.

Some will ask why all these cars and how much they cost but in reality, they cost less as it has been revealed by Nana Agradaa the guy who smuggles Togo cars to the pastors to dash out.

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According to Nana Agraada, these pastors don’t acquire the cars in a legitimate means as they get them through a certain man who smuggles them into the country.

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She says the cars these pastors dash out are smuggled into the country from Togo by a certain Nana Yaw.

Nana Agraada says if these pastors really have money as they brag, they should import cars legitimately and pay huge import duties.

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