Nana Agraada sacrifices pregnant woman and a baby every year – Kevin Taylor

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In a recent video that we have obtained, Ghanaian media star Kevin Taylor, who is located in the United States, goes absolutely crazy on Nana Agraada.

In the wake of their protracted dispute, the two powerful figures have been taking digs at one other on the internet, disclosing the details of their respective private lives in the process.

In the most recent turn of events, Kevin Taylor, who seems to be the alternate version of Afia Schwarzenegger, has disclosed that during the time of Nana Agraada’s sika period, he offered human sacrifices in the form of rites to the gods that she worshipped by sacrificing two different persons.

He claims that Nana Agraada would appease the gods by offering a pregnant lady and a newborn child as a sacrifice every year.

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He said that the crafty lady eventually became weary of it all and desired to put an end to it, but she was punished for her desire, which led to the sudden onset of insanity in one of her kids.

Kevin Taylor has sworn to publish photographs of the man whose sanity has deteriorated as a direct consequence of the disobedience of his mother.

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In light of this, Kevin Taylor counselled all of the members of Nana Agraada to quit following her since she would, in the end, utilize them all for the sacrifices that she does.

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