If I can speak that kind of English you posted, I’ll rule Ghana- Nana Agradaa reveals leaked chat from Mona Gucci is fake

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Nana Agradaa has bluntly told her antagonist Mona Gucci that the WhatsApp chat she leaked claiming it was a conversation between the two of them is fake.

In her words, she is illiterate and there was no way she could have strung words together like how she portrayed it.

The Ghanaian clergywoman further called the Onua TV presenter very useless for not having the financial power to match her glossy appearance.

UK-based blogger Tutugyagu updated fans on the new sequel to their unending fight on her verified Instagram page;

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“The chat is fake, everybody knows I can’t read and write- Nana Agradaa to Obaa Nantwie SP Ps: from the onset I knew it was fake… Let’s even forget about the chat. Mona Gucci is a real beggar. If you’re somehow close to her you’ll know this. She asks for money from everyone. Even from people, she know through social media.. That’s how she is so I wasn’t surprised Agradaa paid her rent.. A lot of her friends have paid her rent in the past too. She’ll call and tell you that her US bank account is locked and blah blah blah.. If you’re not smart , you’ll fall for it and send her your hard earned money. As Agradaa said, she should come out with solid proof that they planned it cos that chat dier even a blind person will know Agradaa didn’t write that😂😂…. Animguase3 akwaaba…..Someone has paid your rent and see how ungrateful you’re acting towards her. No wonder all her friends distanced themselves from her… SCORELINE: VANGERIST MAMA PAT- 2000 OBAA NANTWIE SP- 0”

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