Nana Boroo Flaunting Borrowed Money From In-Law Or He’s Really A Millionaire Now?

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Boroo seems to have developed a new passion other than music. The ‘Aha Y3 D3’ former hitmaker has developed a habit of flaunting bundles of cash on Social media these days.

We don’t know what the inspiration is but it seems to give him soo much delight each time he does it and if it’s his own money then we are excited for him then.

Nana Boroo

It is a fact that his sister is married to a young millionaire, the man who bought Shatta Wale’s Reign album for Ghc150,000.

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From the photos he posts on Social media, one could easily tell he’s enjoying the benefits of being a brother-in-law to a millionaire.

Nana Boroo in one of his Social media posts bragged that he spent Ghc20,000 alone on Fireworks on 31st December 2018.

From the look of thing, we would be seeing more flaunting of money on his Social media and the girls will be sliding into his DM secretly in hopes of getting some cedis from the new millionaire.
In a new Instagram post, he wrote: “The first call I received in 2019 was a money call, the coffee ☕️ I sipped was 50GH bills ? No joke 2019 let’s make money together and leave the haters to pity themselves. May you be blessed in the same way 2019 ??? #notime #Dadanaa #2019”
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Watch video below:

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