Nana Tonardo Reveals How Much Delay Used To Pay Him And Why He Won’t Fight Afia Shwarzenegger

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Actor Nana Tonardo has revealed the poor amount he was being paid by Delay during the hit series, Afia Shwarzenegger.

Tonarodo also went ahead to give the reason why he won’t fight Afia Shwarzenegger on the same show, Link Up by Mona Gucci which is aired on Kantanka TV.

According to him, Delay used to pay him 50gh when he first started the series and went ahead to dare the host to go ahead to ask Afia Shwarzenegger about.

He said, Afia Shwarzenegger did her nothing back then and that she was the one who even added her salary to his to make it a bit heavy because he was taking 50gh.

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