Natalie Swanston: Simon Fuller’s Wife Biography

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Natalie Swanston, since becoming Simon Fuller’s wife, has become very popular among entertainment fanatics. Her husband is a very popular artist manager, and film and television producer.

I am very sure you know Simon too well (if you don’t, you will get to know him in this article) but I am not too sure if you know anything about his wife.

In this article, we explore the life of Simon Fuller’s wife, Natalie Swanston.

Natalie Swanston biography

Simon Fuller’s Wife
Fuller and his wife

Natalie Swanston’s fame came with marrying Simon Fuller.

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Not much is known about her background but she is believed to be in her early thirties.

It is not also too clear what Natalie does. Is she a housewife? That we can’t tell.


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Natalie Swanston became Simon Fuller’s wife in 2008, so her husband’s name is Simon Fuller(more on him later).

They married in Napa Valley, California in 2008.

Natalie Swanston and Simon Fuller moved to Seatle after their marriage to continue their lives.


How many children does Simon Fuller’s wife have?

Well, as far as children are concerned, Simon and Natalie are believed to have given birth to three children.

Simon Fuller, Natalie’s husband

Simon Fuller
Fuller with Natalie

Simon is a star, the reason his wife is getting all these headlines.

Any popular person would have all their family members being talked about, which is why Natalie is being talked about here.

So who is Simon? How really popular is he? Let’s find out here.

Simon Fuller is a British film and television producer, as well as an entrepreneur and artist management.

He is the founder of the Idols television format, which includes Pop Idol in the United Kingdom and American Idol in the United States. Fuller rose to notoriety in the 1990s as the manager of the Spice Girls, a musical group.

David and Victoria Beckham, Annie Lennox, S Club 7, Now United, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Steven Tyler, Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray, Amy Winehouse, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Will Young, Emma Bunton, and Lisa Marie Presley are among the artists he has handled.

Fuller was named one of the world’s 100 most important persons by Time magazine in 2007.

Billboard named him the most successful British music manager of all time in 2008. On May 23, 2011, Fuller was honoured with the 2,441st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2014, the University of Brighton in his native county of East Sussex bestowed an honorary degree on him in appreciation of his “contribution to business, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.”

Fuller’s net worth was projected to be £445 million in the 2020 Sunday Times Rich List.

Simon Fuller’s early Life

Simon Fuller Idol

Fuller was born in British Cyprus on May 17, 1960, but his family eventually relocated to Accra, Ghana, where his father was the teacher of the British Military School, Burma Camp, this was at a time Natalie Swanston, Simon Fuller’s wife was also nurturing her dreams somewhere.

Simon’s father became the principal of the school he attended in Hastings, East Sussex, and the family returned.

Kim and Mark are his two brothers.

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