Nayas Decided To Chop Ernest Opoku After Tracey Boakye Had Told Her About How Good He Is In Bed—The Gossip

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A new development on the whole Ernest Opoku-Nayas saga has emerged. A radio presenter has given a deeper insight into the whole thing.

According to this presenter known as Tagor of Golden Radio in Worcester, Nayas made the decision to date Ernest Opoku after her friend, Tracey Boakye the actress had told her about his se.xual prowess.

Ernest Opoku and Tracey Boakye were once an item and Nayas and Tracey were also very very close friends, and you know when girls meet their girlfriends, they normally talk about some of these things.

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So in NAYAS’s quest to figure out if all that Tracey Boakye had told her was true, went ahead to sleep with Ernest Opoku and she’s now facing the consequences of those actions.

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For us, we are not surprised because she’s prove that, that’s how she is when she sat on Tv (I think Adom TV) and boasted about having an old man as a sugar daddy but is not able to get able se.xual satisfaction because the man has been out of the country for 4 years, and so she also couldn’t wait, so cheated on him.

If such a woman can sit on TV and make such confessions, you can imagine what she can do.

Also, we’ve heard similar stories like this among girls.

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Listen to the radio presenter make that revelation below: