NBA: LeBron James scores season-high 48 points in Los Angeles Lakers win

Basketball player LeBron James has shot his team to the top by scoring a season-high 48 points in the Los Angeles Lakers Past Houston Rocket.

James LeBron is currently the higher score in his team in the 140-132 win. He has more than 35 points in five of the seven games he played.

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LeBron James has 38,072 career points, a few points behind Karim Abdul Jabbah, the all-time record-breaker.

Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum scored 51 points, including a pair of three-pointers in the final 64 seconds, as they won 130-118 at Charlotte Hornets. Tatum now holds the franchise record for regular-season games with 50 or more points, with five.

Boston has won seven matches in a row and extended their lead at the top of the Eastern Conference.

“I could have very easily taken tonight off, but I don’t feel like the momentum of our ballclub could use me taking a night off tonight,” said James, who has been dealing with a sore ankle. “I don’t feel like I wanted to sit on that loss with Philly last night. I kind of wanted to get that out of my taste buds and see if we win a ballgame tonight”, LeBron said.

List of Monday’s full NBA results

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  • Orlando Magic 116-119 Denver Nuggets
  • Philadelphia 76ers 113-112 LA Lakers
  • Boston Celtics 130-118 Charlotte Hornets
  • Indian Pacers 119-132 Milwaukee Bucks
  • Toronto Raptors 123-121 New York Knicks
  • Miami Heat 113-121 Atlanta Hawks
  • Sacramento Kings 132-119 San Antonio Spurs
  • Dallas Mavericks 123-140 Portland Trail Blazers
  • Golden State Warriors 127-118 Washington Wizards
  • New Orleans Pelicans 103-113 Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Utah Jazz 126-125 Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Phoenix Suns 106-136 Memphis Grizzlies
  • Houston Rockets 132-140 LA Lakers


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