All You Need To Know About The Man Kalybos

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Kalybos   has won everybody’s attention in the past few months. He is the latest star in town but how well do we know him, what he does and how it all began. Kalybos known in real life as Richard Asante is a student at the National Television and Film Institute (NAFTi) who studies Camera Handling.

Speaking on Entertainment Review on Peace Fm today, the most sort after comic actor now, revealed how he became an actor and what inspired the whole short funny films, you’ve been watching. He disclosed on the show that he they had once gone to shoot a video as part of a school assignment, and unfortunately, the actor who was expected to be on set, did not show up, so the director asked him to take a shot at the role the other actor was supposed to play. He said, that he is a shy person, and was reluctant in doing it because, that is not something he ever planned of, after several pleas from the director, he gave it a shot and after the editing of the work, everyone liked it. That was the beginning of something that has come to stay. His very first episode of adventures of Kalybos, was the one he stood by a car that was not his, trying to woo Ahoufe Patri, unknowingly to him that, the car was owned by the very same girl, he was toasting. I guess, you sure remember that video.

When asked how the name came to be, he also disclosed that he had chosen the name himself because, he did not like any of the names he was given back in High school, when your seniors would give you names as a fresher. The name Kalybos was formed from these words, Kwaku (K) which is is birth name, Asante (A) which is his surname Lady (L) the name of his sister and Yaa (y) the name of his last sister and wanted to be a Boss so added that, but had to take away one S off, so he looks special hence KALYBOS.

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He also debunked the rumor that, the lady character in the video, popularly known as Ahoufe Patri is not her girlfriend, but just a friend and also a student at NAFTI who studies Film Directing.  The Boys Kasa is just a brand for the Adventures of Kalybos but the whole group is under the KOFAS Media.

He also said that, he does not look at doing Stand Up Comedy any time soon as he would want to learn more first before even trying to venture into it. He also revealed that no director or movie producer has contacted him yet for a movie deal, but that is not his focus now, as he loves what he is learning in school and that the acting is just a new love that came along the line.

Listening to him on the show, one could confirm that he is a humble and very down to earth person and above all a very jovial person.


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