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Being a public figure has both it’s perks and downsides. One of the downsides is the constant ridicule and criticism hurled at you by the public. However, Bisa Kdei has consciously chosen to ignore such negativity.

In an interview with Zion Felix, he revealed that he channels his energy into making music rather than dwelling on the hurtful things that people say.

“They said all stuff about me, but when my deal came, these same people talked about it. Sometimes you just have to let it be, let people say what they want. Let them assume what they want to assume and just focus on your work,” he said.

“Previously I was hurt when I hear negative comments about myself. That even lead me to record my song “Give It To Baba” …I don’t usually talk, I only talk when there is a need to,” the highlife musician continued.

In response to why his songs are not as popular as before, he said “I don’t have to blame anyone, at some point it happens, that’s the nature of the job.”

Bisa Kdei’s “Asew” was featured on Netflix’s “Jingle Jangle” last year. This has made a big break for him in the music industry.

“I have worked on several projects but due to non-disclosure, I can’t talk about it. They used 20 years planning the movie… I actually did a remix of “Asew” to fit the movie ( Jingle Jangle). I had to tweak the words but with the same rhythm,” he said.



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