Nelkboys; Bio, Career, Net Worth, Merch

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Nelkboys is a group of YouTubers who created their YouTube channel on 6th July, 2010. The group was founded by Kyle Forgeard together with three other partners called Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Niko. Four years later after working together, Kyle Forgeard met Jesse Sebastiani who is also a famous YouTuber and was having a self-published documentary titled Saved By The Status.

Some time ago in the year 2015, Niko and Marko, also known as Martinovic quit the YouTube group so Jesse Sebastiani and his friend, Lucas Gasparini instantly became a part of this entertainment fraternity.


Nelkboys Merch

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Nelkboys YouTube


The YouTube group had their biggest breakthrough in the year 2015 when it posted a video titled Cole Prank On Cops. They quickly hit the internet and started to get noticed when they fooled officers in a video by telling them they had come in the trunk of their car. According to the video, the police thought the ‘coke’ in subject, was cocaine but it was rather Coca-Cola.

This prank videos went all around the internet and made more than 50million as of now. Sometime later, these YouTubers got into trouble when Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) warned them by giving out a notice where that informed the public that the prank was prohibited.

In 2019, Jesse, Kyle and Lucas were deep into getting famous when Kyle added another YouTube partner called Stephen Deleonardis into the YouTube group. Kyle Forgeard had always wanted his group of YouTubers to be one of the best in the world hence, he thought adding Stephen will benefit them so much.

In February, Kyle added 2 other member ms, Salim Sirur and Jay, his cousin to the group. On their channel, they have more than 7.3million subscribers and over 1.2billion views across all their videos.

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Nelkboys Net Worth


The famous YouTube group has an estimated net worth of about $5million approximately. They are currently among the top paid content creators on YouTube and other monetized social media platforms. They make a lot of money from their YouTube channels, clothing merchandise, podcasts and hard seltzer Happy Dad. This is how they became so rich.

Who Are The Members Of Nelk?

The members of the famous YouTube group are; Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini, Stephen Deleonardis, Salim Sirur, Aaron “Steiny” Steinberg, “Jimmy Gambles”, Jordan Nwanne, and Austin Ermes.

Kyle Forgeard Age

The famous YouTuber is 28 years of age as of 2022. He was born on 12th July, 1994.

Nelk Boys Jesse

Jesse Sebastiani, also known as Jesse for short is one of the active members of the famous YouTube group Nelk Boys.

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