Netflix’s ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ ending explained

Netflix’s ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ ending has been explained to numerous viewers who were perplexed by the twist in the plot.

The identity of Erin Carter is the central inquiry of a new seven-part drama series on Netflix. Erin, portrayed by Evin Ahmad, is a substitute teacher at an international school in Spain, where she has resided for five years.

Despite her extended stay, she has only acquired a limited vocabulary of eight words in the local language. Her reasons for fleeing England remain undisclosed. Erin is the mother of Harper, a preteen with a degenerative eye condition and a commendable inclination to defend herself against bullies.

She is also the perpetrator of a killing in self-defense, having encountered one of the armed robbers who targeted a supermarket where she and Harper had stopped to use the restroom. The dying robber recognizes Erin from her enigmatic past life, exclaiming, “It’s…you!”

Erin’s response to being identified by an armed robber and subsequently being hailed as a courageous citizen who foiled the robbery is to express exasperation, appear distressed, and engage in a petty argument with her neighbor, Penelope. One might have expected her to flee with Harper and the gun she has concealed in the attic.

Erin’s character is described as “feisty but with a heart of gold,” implying that she is prone to swearing but cares about her students. She regards young Dylan’s drawing of genitalia on his exam paper as a “cry for help.”

In brief, the film Who Is Erin Carter? lacks conviction, particularly outside of the scenes in which Watson, a remarkably talented actor, is given the opportunity to shine.

Additionally, the plot is not suspenseful and progresses at a sluggish pace. The camera often lingers on expressions of pain or confusion or follows characters through the picturesque streets of Barcelona as they make decisions that are likely to harm them.

Nearly every scene loses momentum, with the exception of occasional set pieces in which Erin encounters a villain who recognizes her from a previous encounter, leading to a subpar fight scene reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Erin dispatches these foes without betraying any emotion.

Netflix’s ‘Who is Erin Carter?’ ending explained

Netflix's 'Who is Erin Carter?' ending explained
Evin Ahmad stars in Who is Erin Carter?

Erin Carter is the central character in the story, a schoolteacher whose troubled past resurfaces in a dramatic manner, jeopardizing her present existence. The role of Erin is portrayed by the talented Swedish actor, Evin Ahmad, who shares the screen with a notable ensemble cast, featuring Douglas Henshall from Shetland, Denise Gough from Andor, and Jamie Bamber from Beyond Paradise.

The final episode of “Who is Erin Carter?” culminates in a climactic sequence where the titular character sustains severe injuries and rushes home to prevent Lena from revealing sensitive information to Jordi and Harper. Upon arriving, Erin is surprised to find everything seemingly normal, unaware that Lena had been abducted by Daniel’s associates before she could act.

Jordi is able to tend to Erin’s wounds before they become critical, and Erin instructs him to take Harper to a secure location. Meanwhile, Lena recognizes Daniel as the financier of the failed Harwich heist that resulted in her losing everything. Daniel is equally stunned to learn that Erin was an undercover police officer. Erin prepares for the impending confrontation by self-medicating with adrenaline.

The situation quickly escalates as Daniel’s enforcers begin to break into Erin’s home, leading to several physical altercations. During one of these fights, Erin has a chance encounter with Penelope, who is typically an adversary but appears more vulnerable than usual.

It is later revealed that Penelope has decided to seek a divorce from her husband. Lena tracks Harper to Olivia’s house but is thwarted when Daniel’s men abduct her daughter and Jordi. With no other options, Lena turns to Erin for assistance, and they bond over their mutual love for Harper.

They ultimately decide to join forces, but the outcome is tragic. Although they are able to rescue Harper and Jordi, Lena sacrifices her life in the process. Erin has a dramatic confrontation with Daniel, culminating in her shooting him in the head.

In the epilogue, Erin, Jordi, and Harper reconcile and enjoy a day at the beach. However, their peace is short-lived when DI Jim Armstrong approaches Erin and informs her that it is time to return to her dangerous undercover work.


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