Netizens Angry After Seeing Presby Church Moderator’s Plush New Mansion At Osu While Most Church Members Are Poor

Setting the record straight, today’s pastors aren’t only interested in getting people to Heaven. They’ve come up with clever ways to make money while reaching out to people.

The so-called men of God are rich, but their followers are poor, especially in Ghana. Back to the subject matter, The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has shown off a new mansion that will be the official home of its moderators now.

The new moderator’s home, which is in Accra, is a six-bedroom house with other amenities. It’s on Kuku Hill at Osu.

From our checks, there is a library, prayer room, guest room, and family area. There is also a kitchen and a lot of space for meetings and events.

People who follow the official Facebook page of the Presby Church can see that the new house is going to be a two-story building that looks like it was built today.

People who took the pictures say that on Saturday, April 16, 2022, the new moderators’ house was officially opened for business.

Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mantey, the current moderator, prayed over the house with the former moderator, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey, and other church leaders before the house was open for business.

Some people have praised the church for taking on this project, but others think the money should have been used to help members instead.

GHBase.Com gathered a few comments below:

Oheneba Paa Kwasi said: “We thank God. After four years of the Moderator residing in his private residence, we now have an official residence for Him. The Lord’s name be praised.” Mckingtorch Makafui Awuku said: 21st century design. Good we can move away from the hen coops we build as residences. Wish our schools, hospitals, market spaces and lorry stations , Bungalows of doctors, nurses , teachers, service personnel can come with proper designs like this

Ko Kaine said: “So then how can we ask our MPs to settle for less By the way Nyame nipa deserves better. But let’s try to modify the way capital moves upstream and doesn’t go downstream. Let’s support the deprived areas. I believe we can do that as a church. Peace be unto us.”

Yakubu Foster said: “Pastors swimming in opulence,and then they will turn around to tell the poor their reward is in Heaven.It is time Africans wise up to understand that most churches are business entities set up to make money to enrich its leaders-and not about soul- winning.Ordinary church members will struggle to go past the security at these magnificent structures when their little contributions helped set them up. Religious indoctrination is what goes on in our churches. Putting fear in the vulnerable poor so that they will continue to give out money with no corresponding benefits from the church.The poor in the church will continue to wallow in poverty while pastors and their families ride in expensive cars and reside in posh residences in expensive neighborhoods.”



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