Netizens React To Video Of Young Boy Getting Married To An Older Woman

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True love is not easy to come by, that is even if such a thing exist since many don’t believe in it.

Video of a young boy getting married to a woman older than him had just hit the net, and netizens have took to various social media platforms to share their thoughts about it.

The issue of age is at play here, since it is believed the man should be older than the woman when it comes to marriage and even if the lady should be older, it shouldn’t be more than 3 years.

Netizens have shared their various thoughts about this video since it surfaced on the net. Some are of the view, age is just a number and all that matters is the love.

However some also assume it might be the guy looks way younger than his age, so his looks is what is causing The whole argument.

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