Netizens”Grill” A Lady Who Says Koo Ofori’s Daughter, Asantewaa Looks Like An Ugly Goat In Her Backyard

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Sometimes some people are so evil and jealous of others that they can’t hide their frustration and such actions always have dire consequences. Well, a young lady by name Rosemond Borkomi has received her share of social media trolling after she described actor, Koo Ofori’s daughter as an ugly goat.

Asantewaa, her husband and two kids

In the comments session of a post about Koo posing with his daughter, Martina Dwamena otherwise known as Asantewaa and his son, the lady just wrote that Martina looked like an ugly goat which clearly outraged a lot of people.

Her comments outraged a lot of people who blasted her and added that she was just a depressed woman seeking for attention.

Asantewaa and her father Koo Ofori

We tried to find out more about Rosemond Borkomi but unfortunately for us, she deleted all her pictures making it impossible to know her identity. She could even be a man hiding under the name of a woman. She could be a jealous ex lover trying to seek revenge.

There are so many scenarios that could explain the reason behind her uncouth comments.

Well, quick facts about Koo Ofori’s daughter reveals that she is an actress and won the 2020 actress of the year award at Gye Awards. She also won Tiktok Queen award. She is married with two beautiful kids and is living the life.What else could she ask for?

Anyway checkout some the replies people gave Rosemond Borkomi.

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