“Never apologize for who you are” – Hajia Bintu replies critics with new video

"Never apologize for who you are" – Hajia Bintu replies critics with new video

Ghanaian Tik Tok star Hajia Bintu has replied her critics who are constantly berating her for solely relying on the hugeness of her bum to attain celebrity status.

Hajia Bintu has indeed attained an enviable celebrity status following the virality of her Tik Tok videos which she usually used to showcase how blessed she is to have a huge bum that appears very seductive.

With the opportunity to meet Shatta Wale coupled with the winning of some awards just because of her videos have given rise to many critics who say her celebrity status is fleeting and will soon pass away.

Ther are some who say Hajia Bintu is serving as a bad example to and influence on the youth and especially people with small and minimal bums who will be motivated to go for artificial ones to flaunt or cement their confidence.

On the back of that, Hajia Bintu has communicated in very few words that she is pleased for having huge bums than most of the ordinary ladies and will not apologize for flaunting and attaining celebrity status with it.

In a video she shared on her Twitter page, she again flaunted her bum to give meaning to her caption that she is never going to apologize for having what she has.

She got some interesting replies on her post, check them out below

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