“Never Build A Business Depending On The Energy Of Your Friends”-Cubana Chief Priest Advises

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The Celebrity Barman, Cubana Chief Priest has advised people not to build their businesses around the energy that comes from people they call their friends.

According to him, the very people that we often call our friends, are actually in what he called serious, secret competitions with us and it, therefore, will not augur well if we make them the pillars of our businesses.

The same people will turn back and cause the downfalls of our businesses if we build around them because they are our friends, Cubana Chief Priest insinuated.

Cubana Chief Priest further admonished people to build their businesses in such a way that people will not know where their clientele comes from, lest they push them away to render your business useless.

To him, the only thing is to look up to God and never rely on friends when one sets out to do something.

He made this admonishment in an Instagram post yesterday.

He wrote;

“Most People You Call Friends Are in Serious, Secret Competition With You, Hole Your Henny? Well, Look Up To God N Never Build A Business Depending On The Energy Of Your Friends, Build Your Business In A Way People You Don’t Know Are Your Major Clients #CelebrityBarMan?”.

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